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Inserito il 24-06-2017
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Titolo How To Size a Pump For Continuous or Variable Flow
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Descrizione It is also important to know the backpressure (working pressure) of the system the product is fed into in order to properly determine the pump’s pressure rating. The pump needed for the application must have a higher pressure rating than the working pressure of the system — otherwise, chemical injection will not be accomplished.

Let’s say that the system pressure is 80 psi — now we know that we need a pump that will pump at least 5 gallons per day against 80 psi. In order to allow for the dosage rate to be increased we should size the pump for 10 to 14 gallons per day against 100 psi.

Momar’s AquaTrol Division distributes Advantage, LMI, Pulsafeeder, 1-hydroxy ethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid hedp</a> and Walchem pumps. Please contact your local AquaTrol Sales/Services Representative or contact Momar for the appropriate pump for your application.

The next formula example will be sizing a pump for a contacting head water meter (pulse output) feeding the same concentration of AquaTrol C-2712 (4 PPM) with the same flow rate (50 GPM). Here, the same principles come into play. You will need to know the following: It is typically recommended to oversize the pump from the formula by multiplying the result by 2. For this application we would use a 12 GPD pump. As in the first example, we need to determine the pressure we need to pump against for a final pump selection.
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