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Inserito il 21-09-2017
Pubblicato da laserqqe
Titolo laser pen of 303 sale in kitlaser shop
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You can also use it to kill harmful birds and animals, and recommend using a laser pointer to insect repellent. The laser pointer 500mw and can be manipulated with one hand. The mysterious laser is far away from the hand. Its use is quite varied, such as lighting, viewing, conducting, demonstration, astronomical observation, or driving away crows/chasing bears.Super power laser designator 10,000 mw is easy to understand even in dark places where it can point to dangerous places where long distance Pointers can't arrive.
Light is easy to operate the wavelength of green laser pointer is the least visible wavelength, not only can be used to identify the color of visual impairment, can also be used to identify the color to the public, therefore, if you want to pass the presentation and pass it to everyone, I think you should use the laser. With laser red (wavelength of 635 nm, 650 nm), compared to the green laser (532 nm) wavelength with spectral luminous efficiency is close to the wavelength of the peak, so you can visually identify about 8 times brighter than red laser.

The best green laser pointer is not good in cold or hot weather, so it may be bright in this environment and the output may become unstable. Red laser and blue laser are more stable than green lasers. So if you want to use it in a very difficult environment, red laser pens and blue laser pens are more appropriate.The 5-inch all-star green laser pen not only has the effect of normal green, but also can switch the star cap with different perfect scores, which can be used to make different graphic Pointers. Each character is a stylish and can add romantic atmosphere, such as interesting stars, bird's nest, time tunnel, rectangle point, single point of light beam, entertainment and other places.

In recent years, the development of laser pen technology, laser pointer to our ordinary life. Many stores sell laser pens. But is the correct laser pen method clear? The following explanation questions.
For managers, experts need to use a laser pointer, specifically not to play for children.If you use a laser high brightness laser pointer, you must absolutely avoid sitting between the normal vision path, please try to move within the projector screen.Use a laser pointer to form a good habit. Pressing the laser pointer will enter the unconscious movements of others, or you will not be able to do so under a laser light.When using high power laser, please wear appropriate laser protection glasses.Do you know your laser designator consciousness? Use a laser pointer to check for other people and their own safety. Besides, we all like laser pens more fun.

It seems that the laser pointer even appears on amazon or lotte, the nearest store. I also tried various information about Laser 303 by searching, but since I didn't have any definite information, I should write it. So, when using laser 303 or laser 303 for a search, this comment was written in comments.I bought this too, but it's the same. I thought it was wrong, but it was all the same. The output and the design are the same. I don't even have 200 mW but the product name is different. Only the seller changes the printing of the subject. Moreover, it doesn't seem to be true. LASER 303 and LASER seem to be the most popular, but even if you buy the same quality, it's cheap in China.

This is measured at a rate of about 50mW in yours. Then you can use it normally. Because I didn't buy it, I don't measure laser 303, but I think it's exactly the same. I also sell on, all of these are notorious in the output of the simulation, but I showed invasive output for 5000 mW "over", about 30000 yen from about 13000 yen, and is getting sleepy. For the 50mW output, good shops such as bad lasers and gigabit lasers can be safely sold in an appropriate guarantee of y8,000 or y10,000. The price of cheap counterfeit goods in Chinese stores will not be cheated.

I bought it from a Chinese fraud shop before I learned... But I was going to paste the photos. This is laser blue pen. This is a dirty box, and bubble wrap is dirty, poor quality foam packaging. Foam packing is not smooth. Once you've opened something else... Although it was written as a battery or a charger that included, it didn't enter, I emailed, but didn't reply. It takes about 10 days to remember. That's as expected. But I didn't expect the output to be so low.
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