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Inserito il 07-08-2017
Pubblicato da adtozhou
Titolo Why I use third-party ink cartridges
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Descrizione An original cartridge is manufactured by the same brand that made your printer. e.g. an original hp printer ink [] is manufactured by HP; while a third party cartridge is a cartridge manufactured by a different company for your printer. e.g. a cartridge for a HP printer, but not made by HP. These are compatible printer cartridges which are not made by the printer manufacturer.

There are many advantages to using third-party ink and cartridges. In the first place, they are really affordable. As we know, printer ink can be the one of the most expensive items in your office as the cost of replacing the ink cartridges can cost as much as the printer itself. Due to the high cost of replacement ink, I'd rather turn to the 3rd party ink and toner options at much reduced cost.

I understand the concern about the quality of third-party inks. 3rd party ink and toner options should be just as reliable as genuine cartridges, as long as you shop from reputable suppliers. In fast, consumers typically can't tell the difference between original and compatible cartridge performance. With the ink formulation incredibly close to the genuine cartridge, you'll often see just as good colour reproduction, accuracy of print and ease of use, all at a bargain price. And how often do we need top quality prints anyway? The majority of home printing is text documents, emails and web pages, most of which a draft print is good enough for. Third party ink cartridges are reasonable and they just work fine.

Another great advantage is that it is good for the environment. There's 660 cartridges thrown away every minute. By re-using your printer cartridges you will not produce any cartridge waste and thus keeping them out of landfills. So, you're helping the environment and saving money with refilled ink and toner cartridges!

I have bought some third-party ink cartridges []. The cost savings alone is more than worth the investment in the ink and if I had to do frequent printing, I would definitely be using it over the official original ink and toner.
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