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Inserito il 07-08-2017
Pubblicato da adtozhou
Titolo Two points tell you how to choose a good printer
Cerco/Offro Cerco
Descrizione In recent years, with the popularity of digital cameras and inkjet printer to reduce the cost. more and more families of individual users began to buy inkjet printers, not only can be used to print the document information, you can also print photos. Today, I am so glad to share some of the experience of buying a good printer.
Question one: Which one is better for the single ink cartridges [] and double ink cartridge.
What the meaning of single and double ink cartridge, that is the number of ink cartridges installed on an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are standard two cartridges, one is put black ink cartridges, one is put color ink cartridges, such as the V4ink Brother TN 660[]Toner that is one of the double ink cartridge that can help you print high-quality documents, photos, and graphics. However there only has small type models take into consideration what the user's need. As a general speaking, when printing black text, use black ink cartridges; print color images, the use of color ink cartridges, so you can do what you need. Do not interfere with each other, and it will greatly extending the life of the cartridge.

Second, how to look at the nominal print speed?
So many people asked why the printer speed is far from the promotional materials or imitation in the speed of it when they bought a printer. In fact, the reason is very simple, we see promotional materials or imitation in the nominal speed is the best inkjet printer made under the premise, which contains: the use of black ink cartridges, using draft printing mode, playing. Print the same font, font size and so on. Obviously, if the use of fine print mode, font size is different, the font variety, the printer needs to deal with the amount of data will be greatly increased, the print head will need to move more frequently, time-consuming natural doubled. Therefore, when we buy the printer on time that we can directly ask the dealer how the actual speed of the equipment, the dealer can off you a estimate date,so that your money to spend a good value.

As a professional printer supplier that most of my cartridge came from the V4ink, you can try if you trust me.
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