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Titolo Water treatment chemicals, a modern approach for safe drinking water
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Descrizione Water treatment chemicals, a modern approach for safe drinking water

Millions lived without love, none without water!” This dihydrogen infused oxygen molecule forms the basis of all living forms on Earth. Whether it’s for cooking or basic sanitation needs, the role of water remains irreplaceable as the entire human survival depends on water. <a href="">ro membrane antiscalant</a> is estimated that about 3.4 million of world’s population die every year due to deprived access to clean drinking water. Providing safe drinking water remains a global challenge, for which only chemistry has a solution. Being a boon to the mankind, the chemical industries have come up with various water treatment chemicals which will improve access to clean drinking water.Water treatment chemicals definition can be given in two lines, however, that isn’t ample & would be arbitrary if done. Let’s have a brief introduction on what has made us rely on water treatment chemicals.

Contemporarily, the demand for safe and fresh water is consistently rising, owing to satisfy the human needs and to support the industrial activities. With the increasing urbanisation and economic development, the current water supply is unlikely to satisfy the ever growing demands. Hence, the chemical industry uses the innovative ways of water treatment in order to make water acceptable for end-use, such as drinking, cooking, irrigation and industrial purpose to name a few. The water treatment methods use four basic processes that include boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, water purification and treatment of wastewater effluent. The substances that are removed during the water treatment process are suspended solids, viruses, fungi, bacteria, algae and minerals. The process involves both physical and chemical methods. The chemical used in this process are called water treatment chemicals.
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