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Inserito il 02-11-2016
Pubblicato da LindaLi
Titolo Buying gifts for Watering Can
Cerco/Offro Cerco
Descrizione Buying gifts for Watering Can can be a difficult experience if you are not sure what to buy. But if you want to help your favorite gardener fill their dreamland with wonderfully diverse and healthy plants, buy tools that will make their tasks easier.

Many experts agree that buying a basic hand-tool set-transplanter (a skinny shovel good for weeding) trowel and cultivator make great all-purpose gifts. Sure most serious gardeners probably have these items, but having a second can never hurt.

But if you want to give something that will make the job easier or speed up watering, consider these 5 essential garden tools:

1. Soaker Hose- Instead of pulling a plastic hose through the garden and potentially breaking plants, a soaker hose, porous in nature, allows water to seep the entire row or length of the garden.

2. Watering Can- Of course every gardener owns a watering can, but the variety and styles make this a great gift choice. Choose a can that is lightweight plastic since the can's weight will increase once it's full of water.

3. Watering Wand-Some plants don't need hard or heavy watering. Thus, a watering wand is the perfect tool to use. Wands have several spraying options so all watering needs are covered.

4. Long-Handled Cultivator-This could easily be your friend's favorite garden tool as it helps pull and loosen weeds plus bending is not required. It is the perfect tool to save a back.

5. Mini Tiller-Depending on your budget, you might want to splurge for a mini tiller. Known for prepping large seed beds, it saves time by pulling weeds fast and it provides strong digging power.

So whether you friend's garden is big or small, plenty of gift choices exist. Remember, bigger and expensive is not always better. Finding Interlocking Tool Box for gardeners is fun and easy.View
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