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Inserito il 01-11-2016
Pubblicato da zhoushandazhong
Titolo The Technical Principle of Elevator I
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Descrizione An early attempt to minimize the sacrifice of floor space in elevator installations in tall buildings was the basis of the idea of the double-deck <a href="">Passenger Elevator</a> , first tried in 1932. Each elevator consisted of two cars, one mounted above the other and operating as a unit, serving two floors at each stop. The technique was being increasingly adopted at that time.

Modern lifts are made in a variety of kinds for many reasons. In addition to common shipping and traveler functions, they are also used in delivers, public works, and such specific components as bomb launchers. Heavy-lift, rapid-descent lifts are used in high-rise development functions. Essentially, all are electronically powered, either by wires, sheave and counterweight, by a winding-drum procedure (still used in many low-rise shipping elevators), or by an electro-hydraulic mixture. Several wires (three or more) increase both the grip surface with the sheave and the safety factor.

The generate engine usually runs using ac for more slowly rates of speed and dc for higher rates of speed. With the direct-current engine, the rate is modified by different the field strength of a direct-current creator, and by modifying the immediate relationship of the armature of the creator with the armature of the generate engine. For high-speed lifts, a gearless agreement is used, usually with the wires covered twice around the sheave.

The grip increase may have an endless increase, improves going above 100 feet require paying rules, say, rules from the base of the car to the base of the counterweight. As the car improves, the paying string weight is used the car, and as it descends, more is used the counterweight, keeping the burden on the generate machine nearly continuous.

Hydraulic tubes and plungers are used for low-rise traveler lifts and for great quality shipping lifts. The plunger drives the system from below by the experience of condensed oil in the cyndrical tube. A high-speed electric push produces stress needed to increase the increase, and the car is reduced by the experience of electronically managed valves which launch the oil into a storage container.

Specialized kinds of gas cyndrical tube and plunger preparations, such as side to side placed elements, are used for uncommon programs. For example, the roped, or “geared”, type of gas increase common around 1900, with plunger and cyndrical tube fixed with sheaves at each end, is used on aircraft-carrier lifts to increase large plenty short ranges. As stress is used to the plunger, the distance between the sheaves improves, and the rules covered around the sheaves access the increase. Simply click to see more information.
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